This 1880-S PCGS MS68+PL CAC Morgan Dollar is unbelievable!  Quality wise, It is the 2nd nicest Morgan I’ve ever handled.  The nicest being the 1881-S PCGS MS69 CAC Jack Lee / Gold River Morgan Dollar.  That being said, I’ve handled 2 MS69 Morgan Dollars and this 80-S is better then one of them.  This piece has ultra deep mirrors with blazing headlight luster and blanketed with thick sparkling frost.  This piece is so pristine it almost looks fake and leaves you wondering how this could have survived.  The reverse is fully PL and just shy of being DMPL which is why the PL designation.  On a good day, I believe this can DMPL.  If you are looking for “The Wonder Coin” look no further.  Under a light or outside in the sun, this is one of the nicest Morgan Dollars in existence.  CAC Approved!

PCGS Population: 2 with 1 MS69 “Non CAC”

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