# 1 PCGS / CAC Morgan Dollar Registry – The Wurt Collection –

The Wurt Collection of Morgan Silver Dollars

#1 Ranked PCGS / CAC Registry Set

The Wurt Collection of Morgan Silver Dollars is the current number 1 ranked PCGS / CAC Registry set With Major Varieties and the #1 PCGS / CAC Basic Morgan Dollar Set.  The Wurt set contains some of the finest Morgan Silver Dollars in existence graded by PCGS and CAC.  This collection has taken eighteen years to accomplish and it shows by the overall quality and precision of the hand-picked coins.   When looking through the set, you realize how incredible it really is.  No coin was purchased simply for price or for the grade on the holder.  Every coin in the collection is Premium Quality and in my opinion, it is the most impressive set there is.  In today’s market, coins don’t look like this.  The coins have booming luster, near flawless surfaces, and incredible eye appeal.   There are several finest known top pop coins and contains multiple pedigrees that have been in the hands of some of the most historic collectors of our time, as well as some of the top ranked collections of all time.  Jack Lee, Gold River, Vanderbilt, and Coronet are some of the noted collections these coins have been a part of.  To complete a Morgan Dollar set is an accomplishment in itself but, to have the finest known PCGS and 100% CAC (Basic and with Major Varieties) registry set is a masterpiece.  Some of the highlights in the set are as follows: 1880-O MS66 CAC “pop 1 CAC”, 1886-O PCGS MS65 CAC, 1887-O PCGS MS66+PL CAC “pop1”, 1889-CC PCGS MS64+ CAC “Pop 1 / 3”, 1892-S PCGS MS64+ CAC, 1893 PCGS MS66 CAC “Pop 1 CAC”,  1893-S PCGS AU58+ CAC, 1894 PCGS MS66+ “Pop 1 / 0”, 1895-O PCGS MS64 CAC, 1895-S PCGS MS66+PL CAC “Pop 1/0”, 1899-O Micro O PCGS MS66 CAC “Pop 1 / 0,”  1902-S PCGS MS67+ CAC “Pop 1 / 0”.